What is TXRPC?

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ISM logo_10Have you ever heard of the TXRPC?


It stands for the Greater Texas Rehab Providers’ Council.

Still nothing?

The TXRPC is a family of custom rehab providers across Texas who are committed to enhancing the quality, accessibility, and professional provision of enabling technologies to individuals with disabilities through the partnership of industry and consumers.

Yeah, that still can be confusing. Let me explain.

In today’s day and age, many challenges face the Rehab Technology industry in Texas and throughout the nation. Equipment that was approved five years ago is now being denied. Changes with funding towards certain equipment happen every quarter and it’s very hard for companies such as ISM to keep track of what is available and what is not. Our job is to keep the consumer informed, but with so many changes, it sometimes seems near impossible.

Cue the TXRPC! This group of vendors, manufacturers and therapists works together to provide a forum for ideas and discussion regarding the challenges that face us within the Rehab Technology industry. On top of this, the TXRPC maintains several committees or workgroups in important areas such as Agency Liaison, Legislative Activity, and Provider Credentialing Initiatives. The TXRPC also provides an annual Conference to unite everyone in the Rehab Technology industry and prepare us for the future. Technology Exhibits held by manufacturers, education courses held for all members such as ISM, and above all, a special Panel in which TXRPC members can talk one on one with Medicaid Representatives. Many productive changes have come from the discussions held in this special Medicaid panel.

ISM has been privileged to be a member and a Conference attendee for the past two years. To make a difference in our clients’ lives, we have to unite with others in our industry and make sure that the right piece of equipment is an option that can be funded and provided. By being a part of the TXRPC, we will continue to make this a top priority!

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