ISM is committed to providing the most appropriate piece of equipment to our clients in the least amount of time.

The process of supplying quality equipment includes many steps and requires coordination between our team, our client and family, and also our client’s physician and therapist.

The ISM team also understands that equipment will sometimes need repairs, and also that growth happens. Whether we delivered the equipment or not, when repairs and growth (adjustments) are needed, fast action is required. Our technicians have the training and tools needed to keep your equipment working properly and fitting your needs to assure functionality and to further promote independence.

Obtaining an insurance approval for either equipment or repairs in the least amount of time is a challenge that the ISM team strives to achieve.

We believe in “Hustle Convinction”, and that SPEED IS GOOD!

Normal industry standards for equipment and repairs range from 3 to 6 months. At Innovative Seating and Mobility, we strive to have the insurance approval in under 30 days, and a delivery in 45 days!! By applying the team approach with our client, this is easily achieved.

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